Empowering the Future of Sustainable Energy

Education has a hugely important role to play in helping tackling climate change and driving the transition to a green energy continent. Challenges in transition develop rapidly, with a high demand for digital and green.

SEED appreciates the need to distil relevant information that is useful for the Centres of Vocational Excellence about issues of skills supply and demand. Therefore, throughout the project’s lifecycle the main focus will be on:

  • Investment in skills which are key to realising the clean energy transition.
  • Linking current concerns, recording good practices, and promoting knowledge exchange among the participating regions in order to develop strategic priorities tailored to their regional needs.
  • Sharing a common interest in learning for sustainable energy education and encouraging a wide participation of various stakeholders (both partners and non-partners)to a series of events (i.e. workshops and conferences) so as to enhance legitimacy and shared ownership.
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Developing Future-Ready Skills: We focus on identifying the essential skills and competencies needed in the fossil-free energy sector. From green technologies to digital proficiency and soft skills, our goal is to ensure learners and professionals are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable energy future.

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Fostering Regional Innovation: Recognizing the diverse needs of different European regions, SEED aims to create tailored solutions that resonate with local challenges. By enhancing regional innovation and skills ecosystems, we aim to set the path to make each region a hub of sustainable energy expertise through the development of each CoVE.

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Building a Collaborative Learning Community: At the heart of SEED is the creation of an international learning community. This platform fosters knowledge exchange, shared learning, and collaborative problem-solving, uniting diverse stakeholders with Proffessors, VET providers, students and workers.

Addressing Challenges: Why and How

The transition to sustainable energy is not just an environmental imperative but also a significant economic and social opportunity. SEED addresses several challenges:

  • Bridging the Skills Gap: We are tackling the mismatch between current educational offerings and the industry’s future needs. By closely collaborating with industry partners, educators, and policymakers, we demonstrate how to develop curricula and training programs that are both relevant and forward-looking.
  • Empowering Regions Through Education: Each region has unique strengths and challenges. SEED’s approach is to empower these regions by developing CoVEs that serve as beacons of learning and innovation, tailored to regional needs and opportunities.
  • Creating a Sustainable Future: Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a sustainable future. By equipping individuals and regions with the necessary skills and knowledge, SEED plays a crucial role in the global effort to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

About COVEs

The Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) in the European Union aim to drive innovation and excellence in vocational education and training, by bringing together a wide range of local, regional and national partners from different countries such as:

  • VET providers (at both secondary and tertiary levels)
  • Research centres
  • Development agencies
  • Employment services
  • National and Regional Authorities
  • Social enterprises
  • Social partners etc.

Being closely linked to regional development, innovation and smart specialisation strategies, allow CoVEs to identify new synergies and enhance networking, to develop a greater response level to common –regional as well as national–sectoral priorities and to make an active contribution to the generation of new knowledge.

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