The SEED project has a comprehensive list of deliverables that are expected to be produced throughout the project. These deliverables cover a broad range of outputs, such as reports, guidelines, presentations, training materials, and models/templates. They are organised under different work packages (D1 to D7), each with specific outputs that aim to aid the development and implementation of vocational education and training programmes in the field of sustainable energy in five European regions. The project’s final goal is to create a sustainable energy workforce that meets the needs of the labour market.


The project aims to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas as well as enhance collaboration between the CoVE members. In addition, the project focuses on various topics related to vocational education and training, such as skills development, regional development plans, continuing professional development publishing thorough reports about the findings in each region. Last but not least, to ensure that the project’s findings and results are shared and communicated effectively an online platform has been developed to create a community around vocational education and training in the field of sustainable energy.