Skills Analysis Fossil Free Energy

Aims to identify and analyze the necessary skills and competencies for learners, students, and existing professionals in order to prepare them for the future of the fossil-free energy industry. At the very core of this process is the development and improvement of green skills, digital skills, and soft skills, all of which are essential components of excellent vocational education. WP2 will focus on identifying and/or improving new skills and competencies that are likely to be necessary in the sector of sustainable energy. This work package aims to conduct a comprehensive skills analysis and set up a strategy for skills development in 5 European Regions. Furthermore, by introducing the framework of skills scanning, it aims to identify skills gaps on one hand, and demonstrate how continuous iterations of that tool can bridge the gap between labor market and education. Last but not least, during the duration of WP2, two train-the-trainer workshops will take place aiming to disseminate specialized knowledge and best practices in sustainable energy education across the five European Regions.