Regional Innovation and Skills Ecosystems

Aims to empower innovation based on regional needs by reinforcing connections between VET institutions and regional stakeholders. Its objectives are to measure the maturity of Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) in five regions, provide governance and public/private partnership models to partners, and develop regional action plans. This will be achieved through the creation of regional databases –as a straightforward way of promoting training opportunities– for student and other professionals, workshops to involve local stakeholders in the development of CoVEs, and a strong commitment from all regional stakeholders. This will create a continuous loop between the skills development and regional needs, where each continually informs and reinforces the other, leading to a more robust and adaptive vocational education ecosystem. The knowledge and tools developed in this work package, will support the development of an inclusive process for the joint creation of knowledge and elimination of anticipated gaps, as well as a proactive communication flow for successful replication of fossil-free energy practices.