The 1st Hydrogen #SummerScH2ool in Kozani, Greece

the 1st hydrogen summersch2ool in kozani greece (1)

The world is witnessing a remarkable shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Among these alternatives, hydrogen has emerged as a promising contender. The Hydrogen Summer ScH2ool was held in Kozani, Greece, at the beginning of July. It was implemented under the Green Skills for Hydrogen (Erasmus+) umbrella, which aims to foster a hydrogen-focused reskilling and skills upgrading program. The summer school was Organized by CluBE-Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (regional coordinator of SEED project) and Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc., with support from the University of Western Macedonia and the Region of Western Macedonia.

During this educational event, the participants could attend inspirational speeches and workshops, exchange views, and learn and evolve in the field of hydrogen. Specifically, the use, barriers, legislative framework, economic benefits and impact of hydrogen were presented. Also, attendees could engage with industry experts, researchers, and thought leaders at the forefront of hydrogen technology, like Advent Technologies, Motor Oil, DEPA, DESFA S.A. and Hellenic Hydrogen. Additionally, they had the opportunity to participate in a study visit in CERTH, where they enjoyed a tour of the hydrogen facilities.

the 1st hydrogen summersch2ool in kozani greece (2)

Concluding, the greatest benefit of attending the Hydrogen Summer ScH2ool was the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and industry professionals to establish a meaningful connection with experts, potential collaborators, and mentors who share a common passion for hydrogen technology. These connections pave the way for future collaborations and lay the foundation for groundbreaking advancements in the field.

As Kozani welcomes eager learners from around Greece, it becomes a hub of knowledge and collaboration, propelling us towards a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.