Exciting Updates from the 5th SEED Project Regional Stakeholders Meeting

exciting updates from the 5th seed project stakeholders meeting (1)

Another successful chapter unfolded on Wednesday, 20/12/2023, as the Regional Stakeholders Group convened for the 5th time to shape the future of the SEED project in Western Macedonia. This meeting, marked by collaboration and innovation, aimed to co-design the strategy for the upcoming Regional Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE).

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Key Insights from the Workshop

After vibrant discussions, stakeholders envisioned the primary goal of CoVE: Active participation in the governance system. CoVE is set to become a pivotal player in crafting training programs tailored to regional needs, fostering innovation in VET, and proactively developing curricula. Strengthening partnerships, coordinating efforts, defining strategy, and establishing an organizational framework are crucial focus areas, especially in the formative phase.

Upon CoVE formation, stakeholders outlined a comprehensive action plan, including the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between partners. Publicity initiatives will follow, involving the creation of a website, establishing communication channels with regional policymakers, and forming teams to track open calls and facilitate CoVE member meetings.

Cooperation and partnerships take center stage, followed by governance and financing, and teaching and learning. Active engagement of CoVE members, strengthening internal collaborations, and expanding the network in the wider region emerged as critical areas for improvement.

In accelerating CoVE’s progress, stakeholders outlined key activities:
Procedures: Framework preparation for CoVE members’ cooperation, MoU signing, and engagement with regional policymakers.
Organization: Establishment of a Just Transition CoVE coordinated by the LLLC of UoWM, and the formation of ad-hoc working groups exploring training needs.
Information: Meetings with policymakers, information collection, and sharing to explore funding opportunities.
Technologies: Exchange of technologies for program implementation, shared data repository accessible to all CoVE members.

Ensuring financial resources for the initial two years emerged as a priority. Stakeholders also emphasized the need to develop collaborations with other CoVEs to foster sustainability and shared success.

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Conclusions and Next Steps

Immediate steps include the swift signing of the MoU, paving the way for the rapid establishment of CoVE. Post-signing, meetings with regional decision-makers will introduce them to CoVE principles and garner support for planning activities. Existing partnerships in Teaching & Learning and Cooperation and Partnerships will serve as the backbone of CoVE, poised for expansion among all members.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together!