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What’s the Good Practice about?

Turku Machine Technology Center is a modern learning, training and development center for enterprises, educational institutes and researchers in metal industries. The Center provides a dynamic and comprehensive environment to serve companies for their research and development activities, supports and fosters cooperation between the industry, educational institutes and researcher organizations providing a working life-oriented learning and practical training environment for the students (laboratory training).

The Center was developed based on the regional needs identified in the educational sector and the metal industry. Securing skilled workers and the competitiveness of the metal sector was at the core of the concept design and development. Main activities are: organizing teaching and training as part of a degree, providing lifelong training, providing development and prototyping services to regional companies, participating to external funded projects.

The education provided in the Machine technology center uses mixed methodology that combines theory and practical exercises. Also the teaching is provided partly by Center’s staff and partly by the teaching staff from the universities & vocational schools (students own organization). The methodology for teaching is planned individually for each course based on the contents, needs and learning objectives


Why implementing the Good Practice? What are the special features of the Good Practice?

The concept of Turku Machine Technology Center was developed as a unique and innovative solution to answer the skills and worker needs in the metal sector. The objective was to create a shared practical training center for the educational institutions in the region that would also provide rapid prototyping and other development services to the companies.

It is possible to replicate this practice to other sectors (such as energy) as well. However, the process is long and several factors are needed in place: seed funding + continuous funding, good cooperation, active key persons, shared needs and objectives. However, the end result can be very fruitful and rewarding.


What are the challenges in implementing the Good Practice? What’s the key to success?

The center needs continuous funding, the main risks are economic – securing the funding. Currently the funding is well secured.

Cooperation between different stakeholders before and during the practice has been the key to success. Active key persons from different organizations are also important. Constant development is needed to address anticipated needs and to keep the Center relevant.

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