Improving the Good Practices: Insights gathered on WP4 Workshop

One of the goals of WP4 is to improve the Good Practices in each region. Furthermore, a new Good Practice should be successfully implemented in each region at the end of the project. To get a step closer to this goal, WP4 used the Transnational Meeting in Utrecht on the 28th September 2023 to host a workshop starting the process of improving the existing Good Practices.

Latest Development in WP4 – Impact Measurement

WP4 developed an impact measurement tool for the Good Practices. The goal was to assign scores to the Good Practices to find out how well the Good Practices perform in each of the three categories: Teaching & Learning, Cooperation & Partnership and Governance & Finance.

A questionnaire was developed with answer options that correspond to a value between zero and five. Each region was asked to answer the questionnaire for their own Good Practices. Based on the results WP4 created a visual overview of the fulfilment of the categories and for the distribution of the categories in each Good Practice. This was helpful to get a comparability of the Good Practices. If for example a region is interested in improving teaching and learning with their strategy, the region could use the overview to find Good Practices with a high score in that category.


Each region was asked beforehand to decide on one Good Practice, that they wanted to get feedback on. Based on that, WP4 created five different posters containing general information about each Good Practice, as well as the results from the Impact Measurement and the skills that are expected to be learned from the Good Practice. The goal was to get answers for the following questions:

  • What are reasons you would NOT want to implement this Good Practice to your region?
  • Where do you see room for improvement?
  • Do you think implementing (parts of) this Good Practice would help your region’s strategy?

Pens, post-its and stickers were provided, so that the questions could be answered on the poster. Each region was asked not to work on the Good Practice that originates in their own region, but on the four other Good Practices.

With the answers that were collected during the workshop, the regions get feedback on what aspects of the Good Practice can be improved. Since everyone worked on Good Practices from other regions, they get a new point of view on their own Good Practices. In addition, they might have already gotten an idea which Good Practice they would like to implement in their region in the future.

Each region had about ten minutes per Good Practice. The participants used the possibility to exchange their ideas and points of critics, even though it had not always been easy to find answers to the questions. One important outcome of the workshop was the need for further extensive conversations, since the Good Practices, their regions and strategies are complex topics. Therefore, this workshop will be continued as an online version to bring in even more ideas and to include the remaining Good Practices as well.

improving the good practices insights gathered on wp4 workshop (3)

improving the good practices insights gathered on wp4 workshop (2)