Business Region Turku-Regional Development Company

What’s the Good Practice about?

Digitalization, globalization, climate change, circular economy and artificial intelligence open new opportunities and introduce new challenges in founding and leading a successful company. Business region Turku /Turku Science Park Ltd. is the portal to the region’s different expert, development and service organizations and their services. You can get support in how to grow your sales, refining your business idea, developing your own operations and cost structure, managing acquisitions and other changes.

Why implementing the Good Practice? What are the special features of the Good Practice?

The reasons are to produce and facilitate the best possible services to support the founding of companies, as well as their growth, development, and internationalization. Business Region Turku / Turku Science Park Ltd. works hard every day to make our region the best place to do business so that new talents, investments, and companies can easily find their way here. Participants are improving and developing new skills, operations of the participating companies are likely to expand, they become more efficient, and jobs are created. The final results may have even indirect effects on the environment. These effects depend on what development activities were carried out with the companies. For example, making operations more efficient through digitization reduced the number of paper prints. But reducing the number of paper prints was not the primary goal, but to make operations more efficient, e. g. by eliminating unnecessary work steps.

What are the challenges in implementing the Good Practice? 

What’s the key to success?

The theoretical model can be transferred to another region easily. But the implementation of the operating model requires the commitment of various stakeholders in the long-term development and financing of the operation. It is recommended to start the practice in a small pilot phase to detect challenging issues that can be resolved before introducing to a wider use base. The implementation itself requires a well worked out strategy plan and committed personnel. The main challenges are the securing of funding and finding motivated parties.

Therefore, it important to invest in engaging all parties and securing funding after the project at the very beginning. Things that also helped to succeed are a good design and the targeting of development activities and trainings based on the needs of the companies (and their personnel), and not in a way that there would have been a pre-prepared training program.


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