Gaining further knowledge on the Good Practices: An overview of WP4 Workshop in Kozani

The aim of Work Package 4 is to innovate and share the Good Practices among the regions. For this reason, each region has been developing ideas and implementing improvements on their Good Practices. The goal is to improve the impact that the Good Practices have on the Teaching & Learning, Cooperation & Partnership and Governance & Finance of the region. WP4’s task is to support the other regions in implementing other Good Practices and improving their own.

gaining further knowledge on the good practices an overview of wp4 workshop in kozani (2)

For this reason, WP4 initiated a Workshop using the method of a World Café. Beforehand each region was asked, to pick five Good Practices that they would like to know more about and are considering implementing themselves. Out of these preferences, six Good Practices were picked: Public Private Partnerships and the Higher Level VET programme from the Netherlands, Solarleap from Finland, the cooperation between the University of Western Macedonia and the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator from Greece and Sustainable Energy Impact and the EnergyHub from Germany.

Each Good Practice got a timeframe and a table assigned, where a host could present the Good Practice and the developed improvement. The other project partners were able to give feedback on the improvements and ask questions. This way they could address specific problems and needs that they might face if they were to implement the Good Practice in their own region. A few questions about the Good Practice were given to the presenters as guidelines:

  • What is the aim of your GP?​
  • Which are your improvement ideas?​
  • If you have certain issues with your GP, address these and consult the others regarding feedback / improvement ideas​
  • What advice would you give other regions for implementing the GP?​
  • What would you do differently if you were to implement your GP again?​
  • If it does not work for other regions to implement the whole GP: how can it partly be implemented? (think of how to make your GP sharable)​

gaining further knowledge on the good practices an overview of wp4 workshop in kozani (3)

After the Workshop the project partners got a better understanding of some of the Good Practices. The consensus was that this was helpful and should be continued with the other Good Practices in the future, since eventually the regions will have to make a final decision on which Good Practice will be implemented in their region.